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Health clinics

Doctors and nurses clinics for urgent and non-urgent medical care as well as dental care are located at the social and health centres in our region. In the larger health centres, you will also find social and senior services, rehabilitation activities and maternity clinics.

Several social and health centres also operate services of the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, or HUS, such as laboratory and imaging services.

Doctors and nurses clinics

At health clinics, we provide primary healthcare services. The health clinic is your primary place of treatment. From there you can be referred to specialised healthcare for further examination and treatment, when necessary.

At the doctors and nurses clinic we examine, assess and treat health issues and illnesses by mutual consent with you. At the clinic, we also monitor chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes and sleep apnea) according to your individual treatment plan, as well as provide preventive and health-promoting advice and lifestyle guidance.

Some of the doctors and nurses appointments can, if you wish, be taken care of through virtual clinics, if the matter is suitable for remote care.

Booking an appointment and counselling

When calling the appointment and counselling phone number, you will be assisted by a health care professional who will refer you forward. We also provide care instructions and information about health services.

Complete your Omaolo symptom assessment before seeking urgent medical attention. A symptom assessment will help you find out how urgent your need for medical attention is. Based on the symptom assessment, you will receive an evaluation of your need for medical attention grounded in medical research. When necessary, the symptom assessment will facilitate an appointment with a professional in your region

You may also call us if you are not sure of your need for urgent medical attention. Each health centre has its own service and appointment phone number. Oral healthcare also has separate appointment phone numbers. Please click on the title to view the contact information in connection with the service locations below.

You may cancel your appointment by calling the booking and counselling phone number. When calling, select the option “cancel appointment” and leave a voice message on the voicemail.

You can leave a message on the voicemail 24 hours a day.

The appointment should be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the agreed appointment time. For non-appearance without having cancelled the appointment, you will be charged a fee in accordance with the price list, if you are aged 18 or older.

Service and contact information