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Welcome to East Uusimaa

The wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa is responsible for public health and social welfare and emergency services in seven municipalities.

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Health and social wellfare services

Information on health service in the region.

Health centres Emergency medical care Fire and Ambulance Services

Call 019 5600 111

Ask our service information desk about health and social services in East Uusimaa. We will answer calls in the queue within the same working day.

The most important new contact details

The health and social services are located at the same places as before. Some important phone numbers as well as email addresses have changed.

Service advice

COVID-19 and other respiratory infections

Vaccinations are provided as recommended by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).


Decision-making in the wellbeing services county

Read here what is happening and how our administration and the governmental bodies work.

Administration and governance