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Administration and governance

The governmental bodies of the wellbeing service county of East Uusimaa include the council, board and committees.

Members of each body are listed on the Finnish page(siirryt toiseen palveluun).

County Council

The next meetings of the council are 24.1.2023, 28.2.2023, 4.4.2023, 2.5.2023 ja 6.6.2023. The meetings of the council are open for the public. Alternatively, you can see a live stream from the meeting on YouTube. The recording will be available for viewing for two weeks. The next live stream is 24 January at 18 hrs:

County Board

The county board is responsible for the activities, administration and economy of the wellbeing service county. The county chief executive reports to the county board and leads the administration, financials and other activities of the wellbeing service county.


The committees are governmental bodies who lead the production of public services in the wellbeing service county. The tasks and meeting procedure of the committees are defined in the administrative regulations.

Management Team

  • Max Lönnqvist, County Chief Executive
  • Annika Immonen, Director, Health and Social Welfare
  • Peter Johansson, Director, Emergency Services Department
  • Katja Blomberg, Development Director
  • Tommi Karttaavi, Digital Director
  • Mika Kosunen, Communications Direct
  • Anu Rautiainen, Human Resources Director
  • Minna Sevón, Financial Director
  • Camilla Söderström, Administrative Director