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Data protection

Data protection is about protecting personal data. Data protection means protecting people’s privacy and confidentiality. The processing of personal data is governed by law, and personal data must be protected against unauthorised access.

The purpose of data protection is to ensure that the basic rights of the individual, especially privacy, is maintained whenever personal data are processed.

The definition of personal data is broad: personal data mean any information describing a person or their characteristics or living conditions that can be identified as concerning them or their family or persons living in the same household with them.

In addition to a person’s name, address and personal identity code, personal data also include other identifying information, such as IP addresses, credit card numbers, telephone numbers, property identifiers, car registration numbers and photographs.

Access and rectification requests

A person must be informed whenever their personal data is stored in a personal data filing system. In addition, the data subject must be informed of the purpose of the processing of their personal data, the disclosure of the data and the rights of the data subject, among other things. The Wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa has drawn up privacy statements for the personal data filing systems that it maintains, which you can read if you want.

Submitting access and rectification requests

You can submit a personal data access or rectification request to the data controller using the forms below. If you want, you can also directly indicate the system and data that your request pertains to. If your access or rectification request is denied, you have the right to obtain the response to your request in writing with the grounds for the decision.

The right of access can also be exercised with a power of attorney. A social services client and patient or their legal representative (such as a guardian) has the right to access the data stored concerning the client and request the rectification of incorrect data. The legal representative must demonstrate their right of access in writing.

Requests concerning data stored in personal data filing systems should be submitted via email to Please include the subject line ”Tietojen tarkastuspyyntö” (“Data access request”) or ”Tietojen korjauspyyntö” (“Data rectification request”). Please note that you should submit your data access/rectification request via secure email to protect your personal data and that your email address is also personal data.

If you want to send your request by post, you can send a letter to the Wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa, address Mannerheiminkatu 20 K, 06100 Porvoo. You can also deliver the letter personally to the registry office at Mannerheiminkatu 20 K, 3rd floor, during the registry office’s opening hours Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00.

You will be provided with the requested data within four weeks at the latest. The data will only be disclosed personally to the person who submitted the request, meaning that you will need to verify your identity.

Data protection officer

If you suspect that your personal data has been misused, leaked or otherwise compromised, please contact the data protection officer.

You can reach the data protection officer of the Wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa via email at

This website is based on Porvoo’s data protection website.