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Urgent medical care and emergencies

The medical reception at health centres provides first aid and other urgent care on weekdays. In the evenings and during weekends urgent care is provided by Porvoo hospital.

Urgent medical care by doctor or nurse

If you need first aid or other urgent treatment, contact a health centre. Health centres are open on weekdays.

Social and Crisis Emergency Service in East Uusimaa

We are here to help you in acute social and crisis situations any time, free of charge. We operate in Askola, Lapinjärvi, Loviisa, Porvoo, Sipoo, Myrskylä, Pukkila.

Urgent medical care during evenings and weekends

At other times, you can get urgent treatment in the Porvoo hospital’s emergency and in oral health emergency in Helsinki (HUS). Please call first Medical Helpline 116 117, and you will receive an assessment of the need for treatment and, if necessary, a referral to the right treatment facility.

Call the emergency number 112 in urgent, real danger situations when you know or suspect that life, health, property or the environment are in danger.

HUS Medical Helpline

116 117

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Enquiries by patient’s relatives HUS Porvoo hospital

019 548 2551