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Instructions for covid-19 vaccination

The vaccination is voluntary and free for all. Everyone aged five or older are eligible.

Instructions for vaccine recipients

Vaccines used

Covid-19 vaccination intervals

1st and 2nd doses, everyone aged five or older:

3rd dose:

4th dose:

Booster vaccines in winter 2022-23

We give booster vaccines to the following people, regardless of how many vaccines the person has received or how many times they have had the covid-19 disease:

Booster vaccines are variant-tailored vaccines.

When do you not need a booster vaccine in during winter 2023?

However, there is no restriction to giving the vaccine.

Healthy persons who have had the covid-19 disease (under 65 years old)

Vaccinations of children and young people

The child’s guardian can book the vaccination appointment on behalf of the child, if he does not have his own bank credentials or mobile certificate.

A minor can decide on vaccination themself if the healthcare professional administering the vaccine assesses that the child or young person is able to decide on vaccination based on their age and level of development. There is no age limit for a child’s right to self-determination in the law, but the matter is assessed on a case-by-case basis. If the minor is not able to decide on their own vaccination or if they do not want to decide on the matter themself, the consent of all guardians is required to give the covid-19 vaccine.

Even if the minor does not decide on their vaccination, they should be provided with information about the vaccination and its meaning. Their opinion should be ascertained, if it is possible considering their age and level of development.


12–17-year old individuals may have a 3rd dose if they belong to a group with heightened risk of the serious form of COVID-19:


According to THL’s guidelines, the following may increase a child’s risk of serious illness due to a coronavirus infection: