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How to book a covid-19 vaccination

You can make an appointment for covid-19 vaccination online or by phone.

You can book an appointment online on or by calling. We recommend that you book online. In that case you must identify yourself by using your online banking ID or a mobile certificate.

You can use the service to book an appointment for another person if you have been officially authorised to do so on For acting on behalf of another person:

The guardian of a child may book a vaccination appointment on behalf of the child, if the child does not have online banking ID or a mobile certificate.

If you are unable to make an appointment online

You can also call for an appointment. There is a callback service, so please only call the line once and wait for the staff to get back to you. If necessary, you can cancel your vaccination appointment by calling the same phone number.

If you want the Novavax or Janssen vaccine, please book an appointment by phone. You cannot book these vaccines online, and they are not available at walk-in vaccinations.