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Service advice

Social and healthcare services continue in East Uusimaa mainly as before and in the same premises. The residents of Myrskylä and Pukkila municipalities become clients of the East Uusimaa county. The phone numbers for service advice, health centres and dental care serve you during office hours on weekdays.

Service advice for all

Service information desk – ask about health and social services

019 5600 111

New phone numbers of health centress

Porvoo, Näsi health centre

Askolinintie 1, 06100 Porvoo

019 5600 400

Näsin terveyskeskuksen verkkosivut

Sipoo, Nikkilä health centre

Jussaksentie 14, 04130 Sipoo

019 5600 600

Nikkilän sosiaali- ja terveysasema

Loviisa and Lapinjärvi, terveyskeskus

Öhmaninkatu 4, 07900 Loviisa

019 5600 300

Loviisan terveyskeskus

Askola, health centre

Terveystie 1, 07500 ASKOLA

019 5600 200

Askolan terveyskeskus

Myrskylä, health centre

Oikotie 2, 07600 Myrskylä

019 5600 500

Pukkila, health centre

Hyvinvointikeskus Onni, Onnintie 3, 07560 Pukkila

019 5600 500

New phone numbers for dental care

Porvoo, dental care

019 5600 401

Sipoo, dental care

019 5600 601

Loviisa and Lapinjärvi, dental care

019 5600 301

Askola, dental care

019 5600 201

Myrskylä and Pukkila, dental care

019 5600 501

If you need emergency dental care during evenings, weekends and holidays, contact the emergency station at Puistosairaala in Helsinki (Stenbäckinkatu 11). Always call the booking number 09 4717 1110 first. The booking service is open on evenings at 2 pm–9 pm, weekends and holidays at 8 am–9 pm.

If you have a dental emergency at night, please contact the emergency station for mouth and jaw surgery at Siltasairaala in Meilahti, Helsinki. Always call the emergency helpline 116 117 first, where your need for care will be assessed.

For children, adolescents and families

Social service for families

019 5600 151

hours 9-15

Social and Crisis Emergency Service

Wellbeing services county of East Uusimaa, Social and Crisis Emergency Service

019 5600 150

Nordenskiöldinkatu 20 A, 06100 Porvoo

Emergency services department

The East Uusimaa emergency services department has its own website where you can find more information about the services. The e-mail addresses of the personnel are in the form